About the project and the author of the project.

This is an open source e-commerce store built with everything new in Next.js. The project is still in development. You can follow the progress on Twitter.

Tech stack used

Features to be implemented

  • [x] Authentication with Clerk
  • [x] File uploads with uploadthing
  • [x] Newsletter subscription with React Email and Resend
  • [x] Blog using MDX and Contentlayer
  • [x] ORM using Drizzle ORM
  • [x] Database on PlanetScale
  • [x] Validation with Zod
  • [x] Storefront with products, categories, and subcategories
  • [x] Seller and customer workflows
  • [x] User subscriptions with Stripe
  • [ ] Checkout with Stripe Checkout
  • [ ] Admin dashboard with stores, products, orders, subscriptions, and payments


  • OneStopShop - For drizzle ORM implementation with planetscale, and stripe account connection for each store
  • Acme Corp - For the OAuth implementation with Clerk, and AuthLayout
  • craft.mxkaske.dev - For the awesome fancy components
  • Taxonomy - For contentlayer, and stripe subscription implementation
  • shadcn/ui - For the awesome reusable components library

About the author

Hi, I'm Sadman. Self-taught web developer building websites with AI and Next.js. My socials are below.